Bulk SMS Services in Bangalore

Getmynumber.in: The largest mobile number portal provides bulk sms services in bangalore & all over india. Being the best mobile VIP numbers provider GetMyNumber.in is awarded as best bulk sms service provider company in bangalore. We customize the bulk SMS marketing based on the requirement. 

We offer 2 kinds of SMS:

1. Promotional SMS

2. Transactional SMS 

Give us a call back for best SMS marketing plan to derive the best results out of it. Call us @ 9740988897


Bulk SMS is the best marketing tool available in the market since the evolution of the mobile cellular technologies. Inspite of advancement of mobile technologies, SMS retains its scope and been used by all mobile phone users today.

Bulk SMS helps both businesses & users in many contexts. For businesses, it is a great marketing tool that can be used to reach the desired prospect easily. Now let’s discuss about the 5 strong reasons why you should use Bulk SMS.

1. Keep Your Customers Updated: If you are running business or organization it is important to update your customers. When you want to update your prospects about new products or services, any policy changes, price updations, offers etc. bulk SMS comes in great handy. Hire a bulk SMS service and update all your prospects in one click.

2. Get Prospects For Your Business: Bulk SMS has captured its position in the era of advertising. No marketing tool can replace the aids provided by bulk SMS. There are many latest mobile apps that are used to chat and convey the messages. In the midst of such advanced messaging softwares bulk SMS still emerges out as a powerful customer capturing tool.

3. Run Promotions: If you want to run any promotions, bulk SMS is the best promotional tool. Promotional targets can easily be reached with an SMS. Make use of available customer mobile numbers and shoot an SMS. This is enough to touch the prospects with information.

4. Enhance Your Sales: Bulk SMS can give you an instant enquiries and sales if used in a right way. Shoot an attractive offer of your product or business to all the customers in the desired area where you want to locate customers. That’s it! You will start getting enquiries what you desire.

5. Run Offers: Announce your offers to public in an efficient way using bulk SMS. Bulk SMS has remained as the best ROI tool when publishing offers to the public. You will see an instant responses to your broadcasted SMS offer.

Conclusion: To conclude, bulk SMS is the most affordable advertising platform for businesses and best way to reach information to the people.


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